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Wine Wednesday: A Tsolikouri of the Ages

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Wine Wednesday: A Tsolikouri of the Ages

By Taste Georgia

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Back in 2014, I visited Georgia for the first time and had a whirlwind adventure on a press trip. I tasted so many different wines and had incredibly long days which often translated into palate fatigue. During a wine tourism conference, my friend Irakli took me aside and invited to me his friend’s house for dinner, a local winemaker. I accepted, glad to have a break from the pony show that so often occurs on press trips. The home belonged to Eko Glonti, and the wines were Lagvinari. Eko would become a dear friend, and his wines were-and still are-my favorite Georgian wines.

The first wine he served was his Tsolikouri, which was one of the most alive, powerful and poetic wines I have tasted. I felt as if he had captured a lazy summer day in that glass. Fermented in qvevri with the skins for 45 days, then matured in qvevri until bottling. From then on, I have been a champion of the Lagvinari line, and have written about Eko and his wines  over at Wine Sofa.

Lagvinari Tsolikouri 2013

Here are my original notes:

Autochthonous variety from the West Georgia region of Imereti. Golden amber in color with some sediment. Notes of green apples, yellow plums, citrus aromas of tangerines and Clementine followed by floral and nutty aromas and hints of citrus blossom honey. It is lively and fresh on the palate with a citrus taste, and a long lingering finish with a pinch of tannin at the end.

And today:

This wine has evolved into a slightly deeper amber color, with apples and citrus peel, dedicated fruit, a waxy quality, and more distinct dried flower and hazelnuts. It is still very fresh and lively, tannins are much more integrated. Still youthful, acidic and fruity. I think this wine has the ability to age for at least a decade. LONG, citrusy finish.

If you are in the EU you can purchase this wine from Biserka over at Marani Slovenia. She sells Georgian wine out of Slovenia. Website is in Slovenian but she speaks English so an email is sufficient.  In the USA, Corus Imports carries the Lagvinari line.

Lagvinari is a line of natural, low intervention Georgian wines. The grapes are grown organically, and the wines are made in qvevri.

I will be hosting a small tasting in Rome in April and this wine will be featured, so stayed tuned to the Taste Georgia blog or find us on Facebook.

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