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This Week in Georgian Food, Wine, Travel and Culture News: Week of 28/04-05/05 2017

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Week of 28/04-05/05

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 1. Keti’s Bistro: Nuovelle Tbilisi

This article is focusing on Keti’s Bistro which is a new restaurant which takes Georgian twist on French cuisine. It also lists some great wines.

2. Is Georgian Wine the Next Big Thing?

This article talks about the history of Georgian wine and how it is up and coming. It ends with a few recommendations and where you can find them.

3. Everything You Need to Know About Orange Wines

This is a good introductory article into orange wines that are common in the Georgian region. There are multiple wine recommendations listed, one of which is a Georgian wine.

4. Georgian feminists are beacons of light in a region that is making it more difficult for women

This article interviews two young women while also detailing the history of feminism in Georgia. It also looks at surrounding regions and how Georgia moves forward while some Countries are regressing.

5. Otar Danelia: “China has made a serious progress in terms of importing Georgian wine. It now ranks second among the partner countries.”

The export of Georgian wine to china has increased 85% when compared to last year. The 2 million bottles were worth around USD 32.2 million.

7. Benjamin Kemper had a Conde Nast Instagram stories takeover on Wednesday the 3rd of May 

He showed cooking class with Taste Georgia, travels through Tbilisi and Kazbegi and more.

8. Style Diplomacy published an article on the most stylish places to eat in Tbilisi 

Some of Taste Georgia’s favorite places are mentioned including Barbarestan and Azarpesha.

9. 14 Georgian Wine Companies represented at Tokyo exhibition

Georgia today writes up a report about Georgian wine at the Wine and Gourmet Japan 2017

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