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This Week in Georgian Food, Wine, Travel and Culture News: 21/04 to 27/04 2017

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This Week in Georgian Food, Wine,

Travel and Culture News: 21/04 to 27/04 2017

By Taste Georgia

Week of 21/04 to 27/04

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1. Georgia’s Ambassador to the UK Named Diplomat of the Year

Tamar Beruchashvili was named Diplomat of the Year by Eurasia at the Tata DIPLOMAT Magazine 2017 award ceremony. The article highlights some of the tweets that were written in Beruchashvili’s honor.

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2. Ten Reasons to Drink Georgian Wine

The ten reasons vary from Georgian history to food pairing, but I feel they encompass everything that is great about Georgian wines. This is a good article for those who may just be starting to enter into the land or for those wanting to convince someone they know that Georgian wines are awesome.

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3. A wave of Georgian qvevri wine in Amsterdam

This article mainly features a new wine shop that has begun to carry Georgian wines in the Netherlands. There are some awesome wine recommendations within.

4. Cost of Georgia’s top travel destinations for spring

This article has a lot of amazing recommendations for travel options within Georgia for spring. The costs of each recommendation is also listed which is nice.