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Taste Georgia at the International Wine Tourism Conference in Catania.

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Taste Georgia at the International Wine Tourism Conference in Catania.

By Taste Georgia

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The 9th annual International Wine Tourism Conference kicks off next week in Catania. Taste Georgia founder Sarah May Grunwald will be speaking about wine tourism in Georgia. Her talk is:

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Wine tourism in the Republic of Georgia, working with local government agencies and finding balance between wine trade and travel industries (Branding & Marketing)

Wine Tourism is gaining momentum quickly in the global tourism industry. The IWINETC is heading into its 9th conference and the number of people interested keeps growing. The Republic of Georgia hosted the first United Nations World Tourism Organisation International Wine Tourism Conference in September of 2016. It was a fitting place to host the first conference as the birthplace of wine. My talk will go over the key points that can be used globally as an approach to world wine travel and will cover the following points: Why work in Georgia? What makes Georgia special? Republic of Georgia specifically and working in a market that is just opening and still adjusting to global trends. How to work with local tourism and wine agencies efficiently, using my examples as a foreigner working in Georgia How to approach new markets; such as the growing interest from India and China Wine trade or travel industry? What has worked for us in Georgia when we work with media outlets The Republic of Georgia and its future as a wine travel destination. Predictions and plans.

If you are there, come say hello!!