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Colorful Stained Glass in Old Tbilisi

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Colorful Stained Glass in Old Tbilisi

By Taste Georgia

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On the outside looking in

One of my favorite houses to visit in Old Tbilisi is a little 19th century wooden house that is located on Betlemi Street. The staircase leading up to the very typical Tbilisi veranda has gorgeous multicolor stain glass windows that seem to glow as bright as electricity at sunset. It feels as if the unknown architect designed the veranda with sunset in mind. The windows light up and as the sun moves slowly down the horizon, different parts of the stairs and veranda and illuminated in dazzling rainbow colors. The old house has been preserved for over one hundred years. It is a still a private residence, so when you join one of our Tbilisi walking tours, please be respectful of the families who still live there.

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The light coming through the glass paints the walls rainbow every sunset

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Another beautiful point of view

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When you visit, you may have to wait while tourists take the perfect instrgram shot.

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