About Georgia

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Nestled in the Caucasus region of Eurasia, it assumes influences of both Eastern Europe and Western Asia, evident in everything from its ancient cities, architectural wonders and perfectly preserved monasteries to its coveted performances of polyphonic music and extraordinary art scene. It bears remnants of countless wars, kingdoms and era’s millennia’s past, all pieces of a puzzle still visible in the greater picture of modern Georgia.

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To see Georgia is only to visit all of its vast and varying physical components. The country’s unique landscape combines snow-capped mountain ranges with low lying valleys, adorned with seemingly timeless towns and agricultural abundances including grape vines for miles on end. Much of the untapped terrain is covered with sweeping deep forests stretching all the way to the coast of the Black Sea. Being one of the most climate-diverse countries in the world, Georgia has locations of eternal ice as well as humid rain forests, all within its small boarders.

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The most notable cultural fortes of Georgia are food, wine and the famous Georgian hospitality. The welcoming and friendly disposition of the locals along with the pleasure they take in sharing their cultural history, as the birthplace of wine with an 8000-year-old technique, is what makes Georgia such an ideal travel destination. Guests are always welcomed to the country as they are the dinner table.

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