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This Week in Georgian Food, Wine, Travel and Culture News: 31/03-06/04

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Wine Wednesday: Purity in Chinuri

By Taste Georgia

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Week of 31/03-06/04

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Photo: National Geographic Kids

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Keti Berishvili’s family were winemakers so she became involved with the business at a young age. This was the first year she produced her own wine which is available for purchase at organic wine shops.

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Written more like a blog than a newspaper interview, this article detailed Lizi Gerliani’s experience at the English National Spelling Bee in Tbilisi. It’s a quick and easy read highlighting a different side of Georgia you don’t normally see.

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This article has so many great suggestions for places to eat and drink across Georgia. There are also hotel recommendations.

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Along with the tigers, 18 other animals are being donated to the zoo. After two years of repairs the zoo is thriving!

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The new center will be open towards the end of summer and will feature a research lab, wine cellar, and a hotel. It will employ between 100-150 citizens.

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