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This Week in Georgian Food, Wine, Travel and Culture News: 07/04-13/04

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This Week in Georgian Food, Wine, Travel and Culture News: 07/04-13/04

By Taste Georgia

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Week of 07/04-13/04

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1. Georgian grape varieties to be planted in China

In an attempt to raise awareness of Georgian wines in the Ningxia territory, Georgian grape varieties will be planted there. China is one of the largest importers of Georgian wine, with Georgia being one of China’s most important partner countries in terms of winemaking.

2. Georgian airports serve 42.62% more passengers

Tourism is on the rise in Georgia with an increase of 42.62% in passengers during the first three months of 2017. Tbilisi International Airport served 528,145 passengers alone!

3. Saperavi the sensational [Saperavi wines from worldwide compared]

Saperavi is one of the most important grape varieties in Georgia. This article discusses Saperavi’s movement into Australia, then samples both Georgian and Australian saperavi wines.

4. Penguins from the UK’s Bristol Zoo Moved to Tbilisi

Nineteen penguins have been donated to the Tbilisi Zoo in an ongoing attempt to revive the glory of the zoo before the flash flood in 2015 that destroyed most of the exhibits. There is hope that the penguins will begin a new breeding group to increase the numbers of the endangered species.

5. Georgia: Pearl of the great Caucasus

This is a great introductory article to the vast variety of experiences Georgia offers. Everything from cities to visit, dishes to try, and wines to drink are covered, along with how to get there!