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Instagram Live with Giorgi Natenadze

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Instagram Live with Giorgi Natenadze

By Taste Georgia

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Taste Georgia with Giorgi Natenadze

Please join me on the Taste Georgia Instagram for a chat with Giorgi Natenadze. I wrote an article about him in 2016 for Wine Sofa. Giorgi is one of the most interesting people in Georgian wine at the moment. He is a man with a mission, to restore his region’s wine culture and history. I’ve called him the Indian Jones of wine grapes. He treks through forests searching for lost grapes, he has discovered over 30 lost wine grapes. He has restored ancient terraces. He has a vine that is over 400 years old that makes the most poetic wine I’ve ever had. This will be a chat for all those wine geeks interested in wine history and wine grapes, and meeting someone doing the good work of restoration.

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Saturday May 9th, 2020
13:00 EST 1PM NYC
19:00 CEST 7PM Rome
21:OO GST 9PM Tbilisi